Interactive Fiction Paper Project

Write a Text and Paper Based Interactive Fiction following these rules/constraints:

Location Choice (choose only 1, action stays in location)

  • airport,
  • snow-bound cabin,
  • rose garden
  • car

Duration of Play

  • no less than 5 minutes
  • no more than 10 minutes


  • three characters only, including the participant

Fiction with 3 parts, divided somehow

  • way things look
  • way things sound
  • way people behave in the world

Include all of these

  • surprise entrance
  • broken expectation

Include 1 of these

  • a betrayal
  • a secret
  • a mixed motive

Include a desired object, it can be

  • a piece of rope
  • a pie
  • a pipe


  • clear role for participant
  • some kind of randomizer (dice, cards)

multiple choice points

  • devise at least 3 situations which require a choice or action by the participant which reveals something about him/her