Companion Species and String Figures

Today: looking at a few of the many media art/art projects with environmental themes. If you can get to any of these do so, documentation is never as rich as experience.

Chris Jordan, Midway

Chris Jordan, Midway

Companion Species (Oddkin)


Air/Pollution (string figures)

Judy Chicago Atmospheres

  • Atmospheres Judy Chicago
    • 70s environmentalism
    • global warming, acid rain
    • context of vietnam war, chemicals used to defoliate, agent orange
    • Typically “Atmospheres” are interpreted with reference to Chicago’s feminism, more recently scholars have re-interpreted them with reference to environmental themes


Marina Debris, Trashion

Marina DeBris, Trashion etc.

Orquesta de Instrumentos Reciclados de Cateura,

Yao Lu – Landscapes