How Media Represents: Games

Oiligarchy Image


PLAY Oiligarchy by Molle Industria, 2008

  • Think about these questions.
    • In what ways is it the same/different from mass media games?
    • Are games a good way to make social commentary? Why?
    • What do games do that is different in terms of providing social commentary?
    • Are games a good way to communicate a complex system like oil production and its social effects?

READ Oiligarchy Postmortem

  • Quite a dense text, put questions you have about it into your journal.
World wihout Oil image

World without Oil

LOOK at documentation of World Without Oil   by Eklund, McGonigal et al. 2007

  • WATCH the video
  • BROWSE the archive
  • READ the FAQ, see sidebar links on about page
  • TAKE  the Tour, I advise you to use the blog index page to read chronologically
  • Is it still possible to play? How? Do you want to?