Green Media Schedule 2020

Schedule subject to change, please check back regularly 

EXTRA CREDIT AT HOME – As more of you need to stay at home in lock-down we have phased out the outside meditation and exploration extra credit activities. See this link for details of new extra credit assignments.

BOOKS – check here for notes on readings

Jan 27/29: Week 1
Review syllabus & schedule, book, UBlearns
Watch Abuela Grillo, The Animation Workshop, vimeo, look at info

Web Lecture: Introduction

Feb 3/5: Week 2

Media: Gasland by Josh Fox, 2010, (2:05) Rent from Amazon Prime ($4)

  • Watch Movie
  • Discussion Circles: Take one small specific part/scene of the media and show how it illustrates an important point/thread/idea that permeates the whole work. Due Tues at 10:00 AMDuring the rest of the week, review and comment on the posts of other members of your circle. Discuss connections between the media and the reading. Due Fri at 11:00 AM

Reading: “Staying with the Trouble,” Haraway “Introduction”: 

  • Reading Reaction Due Wed at 10:00 AM. Write or paste into the blog a short quote from the week’s reading with page number. Use this blog to indicate passages that you would like explained or that particularly drew your attention. Annotate with one word comment i.e. “explain,” “confusing,” “interesting,” “provocative” etc.
  • Josephine’s Response to Reading Reactions

Web Lecture materials: Intro to Haraway AND Documentary

Feb 10/12: Week 3 (Project Groups Assigned, start Group Project 1)

Media : Oceans of Noise Podcast, episodes 1-3 (30 mins each), The Guardian: episode 1episode 2episode 3
Reading: “Staying with the Trouble,” Donna Haraway Chapter 1 (note this is the course text book on the syllabus)
Josephine’s Response to Reading Reactions

Web Lecture: Oddkin, Companion Species and String Figures

Feb 17/19: Week 4

Media: BBC Beautiful Minds: James Lovelock, 2011, (60 minutes)
Reading: Haraway Chapter 2
Josephine’s Response to Reading Reactions

Web LectureGaia to Earth System Science

Feb 24/26: Week 5

Media: Tambien La Lluvia, 2010, Icíar Bollaín (1 hr 42) (NETFLIX)
Reading: Ecocinema Theory and Practice, Chapter 3, “do ecocritics dream of clockwork green,” by Andrew Hageman, pp 63-66 & 72-77 2012: electronic version available on library course reserve
Josephine’s Response to Reading Reactions

Web Lecture: Ideology, Tambien La Lluvia

Mar 2/4: Week 6: Group Project 1 DUE

Media: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, 1984, Hayao Miyazaki, (1 hr 58) (YOUTUBE ~$4)
Reading: Haraway chap 3, 59-76
Instructions for Group Project 2
Josephine’s Response to Reading Reactions

Web Lecture: Nausicaa, microbes, food, soil

Mar 9/11: Week 7

Media:  Chasing Coral, Jeff Orlowski, 2017 (1 hr 33) NETFLIX
Reading: Haraway Chapter 3, (reread from 71 then) pp 76-98 critical zones – ref Crocheted Coral Reef
Journal: Special Assignment this week. Read 7.2 webpage for details
Josephine’s Response to Reading Reactions

Midsemester Review
of frames/things to think with


Mar 23/25: Week 9 Group Project 2 DUE MAR 23 by 11 PM

Media: Games and VR
Reading: Ecocinema Theory and Practice, Chapter 2 by David Ingram, 2012, electronic version available on library course reserve
Josephine’s Response to Reading Reactions

Web Lecture Cognitive Media Theory
Group Presentations – Watch all Games Presentations

Mar30/April : Week 10

Media: Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015, Dir. George Miller (2 hours): YOUTUBE + variety of streaming sources (~$4)

Web Lecture: Ecofeminism.

April 6/8: Week 11

Media: Sogobi by James Benning, 2002 (1 hr 26 mins), you might want to read the MacDonald article first to give context.
Reading: Ecocinema Theory and Practice, Chapter 1, Scott MacDonald , “The ecocinema experience,” part 1 pp 18-36, electronic version available on library course reserve

Web Lecture: Reattuning the Mind

April 13/15: Week 12

Media:  Watch Katherine Hayhoe TED Talk
Reading: Listen to Podcast Communicating Climate Change: a psychoanalysis – Science Weekly Podcast, Jan 19, 2017 The Guardian

Web Lecture: Communication

April 20/22: Week 13

Media: The Yes Men Fix the World, 2009 (1:25 start at 8.59)
Optional Media: The Yes Men Are Revolting 2015 (1:57) from $2.99 on YOUTUBE
Reading: Haraway Chapter 5

Web Lecture: Media and Eco-Activism

April 27/29: Week 14

Media: When the Levees Broke, Part I, 2006, Spike Lee, (~ 1 hr)
Reading: Listen to Podcast The Compass Podcast 3/28/17 Resources 27 min

Web Lecture: Media representations of Environmental Disasters

May 4/6: Week 15, Group Project 3 DUE

Listen to Podcasts: Measuring your fashion footprint: Chips with everything podcast AND Plastics: a villainous material? Or a victim of its own success? (33 mins)

Web Lecture: Sensing and Simulation
Group Presentations: Watch All Group Presentations