Social and Mobile Media

DMS 331:: T/Th 11:00-12:50 :: CFA 244

Josephine Anstey, jranstey at buffalo, office hrs M/W 2-3pm


Schedule 2019


In this production course students will become familiar with cross-platform web technologies for mobile and social media, in the context of a critical perspective of media culture. In fall 2019 the class will focus on podcasts, twitter bots, simple phone apps and AR (augmented reality) apps. Students work at their own technical and media-critical level and are encouraged to embrace and explore unfamiliar technical and critical territory

Upon Completion of the course student will be able to …
1. Trace the development and contemporary trends of Social and Mobile MediaReading/Playing Assignments, Class discussions, Presentations
2. Produce planning materials for Social and Mobile Media ProjectsProduction materials/projects
3. Use audio tools to make a podcast project.Project
4. Use software tools to make a twitter bot projectProject
5. Use software tools to make a simple mobile phone project Project
6. Use software tools to make a simple AR projectProject

Required Listening/Playing/Reading
See Schedule

Course Requirements and Grading:

Reading/Projects listed next to a date should be read/played by that date. Production projects will be graded on creativity, effort, technical ability. Failure is OK, but the effort needs to be documented! Realistic ambition is encouraged. Backup your work!!!!

  • Reading, Participation and Attendance, – You are expected to come to class thoroughly rehearsed/read/played on the material (not simply skimmed) and prepared for engaged participation. (15 points).
  • Podcast Project – write script+record+edit+post (15 points)
  • Twitterbot Project – concept+planning docs+ assets+working version (15 points)
  • Simple Mobile App – concept+planning docs+assets+working version (15 points)
  • AR Apps – concept+planning docs+assets+working version (15 points)
  • Final Project – Group Projects are possible (25 points)
    • Planning – Elevator Pitch (30 secs) + Proposal + Planning Docs + Benchmarks/Timetable (5 points)
    • Assets/Proof of Concept (5 points)
    • Working Demo (15 points) – CRITIQUES DEC 3 and 5 . FINAL DUE SAT DEC 14th


Attendance for every class is mandatory barring serious emergency or cultural/religious event. Each student is allowed two unexcused absences for whatever reason (e.g., illness, weather). If extenuating circumstances arise (e.g., serious medical problems, child care), please contact the instructor as soon as possible to address the situation. Barring emergency circumstances, each absence after two will drop lower the final grade by a full grade for each additional absence (i.e.,3 absences = B->C). Punctuality is also expected. For the purposes of grading, three tardies will equal one unexcused absence.

Disclosure Statement:

This class may include material dealing with ethical, political and moral concerns. I will make every effort to advise of any content that may be disturbing.


  • information about academic dishonesty, criteria for incompletes
  • information about accessibility resources and academic resources
  • information about student code of conduct & equity, diversity and inclusion policies
  • warning about using WEAPONS as PROPS in student productions