Office Diva

Office Diva 2007-8: autonomous, continuous audio/video performance by computer character.

DIY Diva

DIY Diva 2008: an intermedia performance. Performers and participants control projection of a Diva ego with body sensors.

365 plays/days

365 plays/days 2007: an intermedia performance. Part of the Suzan-Lori Parks play cycle.

Human Trials

Human Trials 2006-7: a networked virtual reality drama for 2 live performers, multiple virtual actors and one participant.

The Trial The Trail

The Trial The Trail 2001-5: immersive virtual reality drama with intelligent agents.


PAAPAB 2001-4: a networked virtual reality dance floor, avatars, puppet avatars, interactive dancing

The Thing Growing

The Thing Growing 1997 – 2000: a virtual reality drama with virtual actors for one participant.

Let’s Play Prisoners

Lets Play Prisoners 1988: 14 minute experimental video.

The A Ha! Experience

The A Ha! Experience 1988: experimental video, 5 mins, B&W

Final Presentation

Your final presentation is 20 minutes long. See schedule for your date. Failure to present, without exceptional excuse, will earn you an F for project 3. But don’t worry – this is all work in process. Whatever the presentation date,