Workers of the World


Description: Workers of the World is a guerilla-style performance for autonomous cleaning robots. The robots are set down in a public location and as they clean they chat using text based on the plays of Bertolt Brecht, Jean Genet and Peter Weiss. They are aware of people passing, or stopping to watch and listen to them. They respond in a variety of ways depending on their mood. They may be jocular or irritated, but their remarks always point up the differences between workers and the rest. Workers of the World is a production of the Intermedia Performance Studio and premiered at the Buffalo Infringement Festival 2008.

Workers Script Excerpt

Collaborators: Josephine Anstey, Stephen Hibit, Patrice Seyed, Intermedia Performance Studio

Soft/Hardware: iRobot Create Robot, Everex Cloudbook, Open Source Software

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Maker Faire Austin, Travis County Expo Center, Oct 18-19, 2008

Buffalo Infringement Festival 2008

Funding and Acknowledgments

Digital Humanities Initiative at Buffalo (DHIB) Funding, University at Buffalo

Honors College Research and Creative Activities Fund, University at Buffalo

Robert and Carol Morris Fund for Artistic Expression and Performing Arts