Category: projects


Prof Arnstay

IMPCON.ORG ongoing: online site for Improvising Consciousness a work of speculative evolution.

The Davian Bead Game

The Davian Bead Game 2012-15: interactive installation, game with alien intelligence.

The Bicameral Emulation Exercise

The Bicameral Emulation Exercise 2013: online cognitive exercise, audio + movement, linked project with IMPCON

Improvising Consciousness Medicine Show

Improvising Consciousness Medicine Show 2012: performance lectures and participatory workshops on the evolution of consciousness

Improvising Consciousness

Improvising Consciousness ongoing: Hybrid media work of speculative evolution/alternate reality.

Mrs. Squandertime

Mrs Squandertime 2011: Ecological and Meditative Simulation driven by real time data.

play/share beyond/in

play/share beyond/in 2010: a pervasive game for the Beyond/In Western NY Exhibition.

He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me Not 2009: installation, recombinant narrative.


WoyUbu 2009: an intermedia performance involving live actors, virtual actors, games, robots, puppets, huge projections, green screens and audience participation.

Workers of the World

Workers of the World 2008: performance for autonomous cleaning robots featuring texts from Brecht, Genet and Weiss.